Mindful Billionaire

The Billion Dollar Marketplace


“There is over $100 Billion Dollars in Products and Services that will be provided by entrepreneurs to regenerate the planet, making this the largest new industry”
James Canton, PhD

“I didn’t realise how the Mindful approach could really empower customers, generate greater profits and increase footfall, until Now. My advice to any company is to ask Alan how to Be Mindful
Simon Assirati, Solutions in Ink

"This course is really cool. This course helped me activate my mind, and now I am working to create my own vision of the world while helping others along the way."
Farah 17, Bali Indonesia

"Having seen numerous Presentations Skills sessions before I can safely say that Alan's was one of, if not the best we've had here at Lloyds TSB"
Jonathan Long, Lloyds TSB

"Excellent Opening Speaker, Alan was facinating."
Scott 18, British Youth Council Convention, London

A real life Indiana Jones

Discover your inner ability

"Be Mindful and the Opportunities will Appear..........Everywhere!"

What if you could learn tools which could help you create your ideal world? What if you could tap a $100 billion dollar marketplace?


There is a new marketplace waiting to be tapped right now. Creative programs which tackle pressing social and environmental issues and tap this new marketplace valued at over $1 Billion dollars. This is the same cutting-edge training corporate organisations are taking at $10,000 per head per day!

There is a powerful set of skills to activate the mind to be able to discover these diamonds.Take the Regenerating Earth Challenge. Our challenge is that from 'zero' dollars, that's right, nothing, you can learn precious skills which help you tap this marketplace and regenerate the planet. Take the course

There is a powerful network of successful individuals who are focused on the same goal to regenerate the planet. And for the first time in a long time they are coming together to help each other realise this vision. Join the network now

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