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“This course is fun and educating. This is no ordinary course because you make your opinion and can learn how to develop your idea to do something you never thought was possible.”
Doni 18, Bali Indonesia

“I didn’t realise how the Mindful approach could really empower customers, generate greater profits and increase footfall, until Now. My advice to any company is to ask Alan how to Be Mindful
Simon Assirati, Solutions in Ink

"This course is really cool. This course helped me activate my mind, and now I am working to create my own vision of the world while helping others along the way."
Farah 17, Bali Indonesia

"Having seen numerous Presentations Skills sessions before I can safely say that Alan's was one of, if not the best we've had here at Lloyds TSB"
Jonathan Long, Lloyds TSB

"Excellent Opening Speaker, Alan was facinating."
Scott 18, British Youth Council Convention, London

Discover your inner ability

When you join the program not only do you get instant access to the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques but you also get access to the network of innovative programs running around the world.

Our core focus at the moment is Bali, Indonesia.

You will get to see what is in development and what ideas are being generated and implemented right now.

When you join the program you get to learn and understand first-hand these Innovative Programs happening right NOW.Programs include:

- Cutting-edge end of plastic waste and empower the poor program.

- Cutting-edge technology to remove all waste from landfills

- A new desalination unit for less than $30

and much much more......

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"Solutions to the problems we face can't be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."

Albert Einstein